Teen Brothers Arrested for Autumn Pasquale's Murder & It's Almost Unthinkable (VIDEO)

autumn pasquale
Autumn's uncle, Paul Spadofora
Police have made arrests in connection to missing teen Autumn Pasquale, and the news is even worse than I'd imagined: The two people arrested for Autumn Pasquale's murder are teenage brothers, age 15 and 17. A couple of kids may have done this horrendous crime.

According to police, Autumn was lured into the boys' home to get parts for her BMX bike. Evidence suggests she was strangled in that house. The brothers have been charged with first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence, theft, and disposing of a body. The 15-year-old brother has been charged with luring.

Okay, deep breath. This story has gotten even more disturbing than it already was.


Apparently it was the boys' mother who helped lead the police to her sons. She caught a suspicious post on one of the boys' Facebook account. And I can't even imagine how it feels to be her right now. What is going wrong in a household that produces two teenage murderers? Did the mother suspect her sons all along? I guess there wasn't much adult supervision going on. Teens need their independence, I know. But to have a murder happen under your own roof, and the hands of your own children ... it's unthinkable.

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"There's evil everywhere," Autumn's uncle Paul Spadofora said at today's press conference, "even in the small town of Clayton." And even in the heart of a 15-year-old boy. Use whatever word you want to use, evil, dysfunction, pathology -- it just gives me a sick feeling knowing kids are capable of killing a girl.

If it's any consolation -- and it's hard to find a bright spot in this story -- police say there's no evidence of sexual assault. Who knows if we'll ever find out the mystery behind the boys who allegedly murdered an innocent girl in a small town. Part of me wants to know why they did it, and part of me is afraid to find out.

What do you think was behind the murder of Autumn Pasquale?


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