Mitt Romney Keeps Offending ‘FNL’ Fans by Stealing ‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts’ Slogan

coach tMitt Romney doesn't take "no" for an answer, at least when it comes to using the Friday Night Lights tag-line "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" on the campaign trail. Despite multiple attempts by the show's creator Peter Burg, Mitt won't stop plagiarizing the slogan and took his "clear eyes" re-purposing mission to the next level this weekend when he handed out rubber bracelets with the stolen expression printed on them.

After a Romney-staff vs. reporters flag football game (natch), Mitt gave everyone one of the wristbands, and now, you too can be a part of Mitt's "clear eyes" lie -- he's selling a set of three on his site for $10 a pop, and frankly, I'm offended.


To be honest, I'm not offended as a voter or a constituent or an American, per se, I'm offended as a Friday Night Lights fan. I'm sure all you fellow FNL fanatics out there will agree that you can't just go taking Coach Taylor's trademark and throw it around willy nilly like that. It isn't an idiom that one can adopt. It's not for sale, either. The only person who can say it is Coach T. and the only outcome of his saying so will be a win on the football field, or a dignified and heartbreaking loss that will teach us all a lesson about what it means to "give it your all."

Moreover! I do not like that Romney's being a total bully about this and is turning a deaf ear to requests to stop using a phrase that he didn't make up. It's so Buddy Garrity of him, isn't it, ignoring rationale and just doing what he thinks is OK, and/or right, regardless of the truth. Pft!

If Friday Night Lights taught us anything (cue Explosions in the Sky instrumental), it's that playing like champions, taking pride in a job well done, working as a team, and believing in ourselves is more important than winning by cheating, taking the easy way out, or postponing anything because of a little mud. It's about respect for yourself, for others, for the game.

So come on, Mitt -- if you're going to re-purpose "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose", you must, at least, do the phrase proud.

Eric/Tami 2016.

What do you think of Mitt's use of the slogan?


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