Obama & Romney Families Post-Debate Pic: What They’re REALLY Thinking (PHOTO)

post debate pic

Aww, what a nice photo of the Obama and Romney families coming together after last night's Presidential Debate! Just look at those smiling faces: Michelle and Barack and Ann and Mitt, all hopeful and happy and harmonious ... on the outside, anyway. Because we all know they're not exactly planning a picnic on the White House Lawn. Put it this way: If pictures really are worth a thousand words and we could somehow pay off the national debt in words instead of dollars, this post-debate snapshot would pretty much save the economy. But what are the Obamas and Romneys REALLY thinking?


If we could read their minds, maybe they'd say something along these lines (from left):

Tagg Romney: "Just one swing at this guy. Just one." 

Michelle Obama: "Sounds like you need a map of the Middle East in that binder of yours."

Barack Obama: "Hey Mitt, the Revolutionary War called to ask for its horses and bayonets back."

Ann Romney: "You think getting kids to eat vegetables is tough? Try dressing up a horse and making him dance!"

Romney grandchild: "Yeah, I’m up. Where the heck are those first daughters? Nerds, they're probably doing homework. Where's my candy?! I think that lady hid it somewhere."

Craig Romney: “My God, Dad has such a stellar head of hair.”

Mitt Romney: "Hmm, seems like Obama’s building up a tolerance to those sleeping pills I put in his drink. They worked in Colorado … "

What do you think the Obama and Romney families are really thinking in this pic?


Image via Getty

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