Suspected Wisconsin Shooter's Wife Was Among the Victims

shooterRadcliffe Haughton's estranged wife Zina Haughton was one of the three women killed during his alleged shooting spree at the spa she worked in.

The massacre marked a violent end to what reports paint as a very trouble relationship.  Zina, a hair dresser at the Azana salon, had taken out a restraining order against her husband. He had even been ordered to surrender his firearms to the police because of a domestic violence allegation involving his wife.


The two others killed were Cary Robuck and Maelyn Lind, and four others were caught in the crossfire and were wounded but survived.  In the wake of these tragic shootings, we often try to dissect what happened and why. With the alleged shooter taking his own life, that closes one door. But the couples rocky past has provided investigators with an idea of what happened in the weeks and days leading up to the assault.

The day before slashing his wife's tires and being ordered to stay away from her, Police say he posted the following Facebook update:

"Shooting birds ..."

The strange messages continued after the vandalism incident. He wrote:

"need to get out of Wisconsin, HELP..."

The next day (which was the last posting he ever made):

"can anyone help me get out of Wisconsin?"

Of course this snapshot does not provide us with all the details of their marriage, but clearly something went horribly wrong. Police believe that this entire tragedy was domestic violence related. Everyone always thinks of domestic abuse as something that is confined to people's homes or doesn't involve anyone outside of the family. Clearly that is not true. Sadly, there were many victims in this particular case.

Do you think domestic violence is a private family problem or an issue that effects the entire community?

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