Donald Trump’s Dropping Obama ‘Bombshell’ Soon & We Can't WAIT (VIDEO)

donald trumpGuess who's been out of the spotlight for a hot second and is just clamouring for a return? Although Heidi Montag would've been an acceptable answer, the reply we were actually looking for was Donald Trump. Yes, the real estate developer turned reality host turned Barack Obama conspiracy theorist just told Fox & Friends that he's got dirt on Obama, and he's going to drop the bombshell on Wednesday. It's news, he says, that could possibly impact the election.

I can't wait.


Did he find Barack's childhood naturalization papers, er whatever? Did he find the un-filed divorce papers that Michelle allegedly prepared while Barack was still in the Illinois State Legislature? Did he find Barack's birth certificate, and is going to repent for all his birther campaigning? Or perhaps he's announcing that Obama's going to be on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice and that the prez is looking forward to "schooling" C-list celebs on how to manage a project, already.

Who knows what "fact" he's going to release, but there's one thing we can be certain of -- it won't be as big of a deal as Trump's making it out to be. Because, well, for one -- people who have "bombshells" to drop don't really tease them, promote them, then reveal the news on Twitter (as Trump's planning to do). They just drop them. Then run.

And secondly, the only thing Trump might care about more than bringing down Obama is himself, and his publicity. The man sat on a New York City double-decker bus and talked to an entertainment show about his opinions on Lindsay Lohan for crying out loud -- clearly he's not afraid of getting the Trump name in the media, no matter what the subject matter, or the cost.

But, Trump wins again. Here we are talking about him. So let's wrap this up, shall we? If he's not announcing a Barack Obama Celebrity Apprentice casting, then I hope it's that he and Mitt Romney are going to shave their heads on live TV and donate their glorious follicles to Locks of Love.

Now that would be a bombshell.

What do you think the Donald has up his sleeve?


Photo via Boss Tweed/Flickr

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