8.5 Months Pregnant Woman Murdered Day Before Her Wedding (VIDEO)

crime sceneYou can't go a day without reading a murder story in the news. For some reason, the macabre headlines pique our interest and we find ourselves awe-struck as we read the horrifying, and tragically gripping details. Today's such story explains the death of 38-year-old pregnant woman, Vindalee Smith, who was due to give birth in just two weeks. Smith was allegedly found murdered in her apartment Saturday morning just hours before guests were to arrive for her baby shower, and just one day before her wedding. She was reportedly stabbed multiple times in the neck and bled to death in her East Flatbush home.


Neighbors say Vindalee was an active member of the church and were shocked to learn of her unconscionable and untimely death.

Eight and half months pregnant ... getting married the next day ... and murdered? What's going on here?

The police say that they think who ever killed Vindalee was someone she knew -- there was no sign of forced entry into her apartment. They've also disclosed that Vindalee had received death threats from a former neighbor, though they'd stopped since she moved.

What I can't stop thinking about is that baby she had inside her. At around 36 weeks, I can only assume that her son or daughter was ready to enter the world a healthy little baby, but now, he or she will never had that chance. I wonder if Vindalee had been found mere moments after her death if the baby could've been saved ...

There are some things we'll never know, but for the sake of Vindalee's family, friends, and community, I hope her murderer is held accountable for her death, as well as for her unborn baby's.

An autopsy was completed Sunday -- the day she was supposed to get married.

Watch the news story:

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Photo via Alan Cleaver/Flickr

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