Seven People Shot in Milwaukee Hair Salon Near Popular Mall (VIDEO)

Police are hunting a man suspected of opening fire in hair salon in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The man, whom NBCNews reports is named Radcliff Haughton, is reportedly the estranged husband of one of the Azana salon's hair stylists, who had apparently taken out a restraining order on him a couple of weeks ago. At least seven people were shot.

Mass shootings are so common in this country now that we hardly pay attention to them anymore unless they are particularly large and gruesome and have some kind of pop culture twist to them like the Aurora, Colorado Dark Knight Rises shootings. It was only three months ago that seven people were killed in a mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. And it was only five days ago a man shot five people, and killed three (including a three year old), in an Ohio apartment complex. And yet neither presidential candidate has talked much, if at all, about gun control.


The scene of the spa shooting was across from Brookfield Square Mall. It sounds like it could have been a lot worse -- reportedly none of the four people already brought to a local hospital are in critical condition. No word on the other three people. Police are also checking out whether the suspect may have left behind a homemade bomb at the scene.

NBCNews reports that the suspect's home has been surrounded.

It seems as far as this country goes, none of us are ever quite safe from the possibility of gunfire, whether we're in school, at church, at temple, or in a mall or other place of business. It's disgusting, despicable, and certainly makes the U.S. look far from the country it can and should be. Seriously, we can't go a week or two without a mass shooting?!!

I, for one, am really tired of the "guns don't kill people" rhetoric. If that were true, then nuclear bombs would be available to all over the counter, wouldn't they? I mean, considering that people don't nuclear bomb people, nucelar bombs nuclear bomb people. But no one really wants to risk selling nuclear bombs because of the truth -- that someone will inevitably detonate one given the chance because they had a bad day, or got fired, or their spouse wants a divorce. It's the same with guns.

Something needs to be done. Right now, let's hope that everyone reportedly shot in Brookfield will be okay.

Are you scared of ever being caught in a mass shooting?

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Image via MSNBC

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