Romney or Obama: Military Shows More Love for Which Presidential Candidate?

Barack obamaWho is going to win the election? President Barack Obama? Mitt Romney? It's the million-dollar question, so why not go look at the money? I'm talking campaign contributions, people.

Or more specifically, campaign contributions from members of the military and the Defense Department. If you look at the money one candidate's raked in, there's a pretty clear winner. Any guesses?


President Barack Obama has it by a landslide! The president has received almost twice as much in campaign contributions from this sector as his competition.

So what does it all mean?

Not much, come election day. There are still more civilians in this country than there are members of the armed forces or even staff in the Defense Department. But if you care about defense policy, it's worth taking a look before you hit the polls.

The Republicans have clearly been unhappy with the way the Obama administration has run things. Mitt Romney says he wants to boost defense spending. You'd think people would be throwing him their contributions -- especially considering more defense spending would mean better job security. The fact that the money is going to the Obama campaign makes it sound like the military is pretty darn happy with the status quo.

Does this swell of support for the commander in chief from the military sector sway your vote?


Image via United States Government Work/Flickr

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