Man Arrested Viewing Child Porn -- On Public Sidewalk!!

Benjamin AshauerIf there's one type of criminal you've gotta love, it's a stupid criminal. Take, for example, Benjamin Ashauer. Cops in Tampa, Florida say the 29-year-old had a laptop loaded down with child porn. Sick, right?

But just wait until you hear how the cops nabbed him. Ashauer was sitting right out on a sidewalk with his computer, allegedly using the free Wi-Fi at a strip mall to surf child porn websites. Um, whoops?


This dude sounds like a complete sicko. I can't imagine what would have happened if a kid walking by had seen what he was doing. This all could have been even worse than it is. As it is, the cops are expecting to file additional child porn charges against him because of the "volume" of pictures and young age of the kids in them.

But when you think about all the pedophiles out there who are sitting at home all crouched over their computers continuing to spread this vile stuff, knowing that plenty of them are getting away with it because they haven't been caught, I have got to say it.

I'm GLAD this guy was an idiot. I'm GLAD he got caught. Now if only more of these creeps would sit out in public where the cops could nab them ...

What do you think of what happened here?


Image via Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

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