President Obama’s New 'Romnesia' Term Is So Funny Everyone Forgot to Laugh

obamaTired of the ha-ha-we're-so-clever-look-at-us! Internet trends, yet? Too bad, because they keep on coming. The latest meme to fall in line with Big Bird and Binders Full of Women is "Romnesia." The Obama 2012 campaign staff tweeted today that the President has coined a new term for someone who conveniently forgets their own position on an issue. Get it? Mitt Romney has amnesia? Romnesia? Good times.

The term's taken off on Twitter, so let's see who's using today's hottest political diagnoses. Look out Big Bird and Binders, #Romnesia's coming for you.


It all started with this: The @BarackObama account, written by POTUS's staffers, tweeted: "President Obama: 'He’s conveniently forgetting what his own positions are ... We need a name for this condition—let’s call it #Romnesia.'”

And from there, well, cue the Jeff Foxworthy voice-over and the snowball, because here we go.

  • @JoeBiden tweeted: "POTUS: 'If you say you’re for the coal industry but stood in front of a coal plant and said ‘this will kill you,’ you may have #Romnesia.”
  • @JenGranholm, former Governor of Michigan and Current TV host tweeted: "You might have #Romnesia if you think the President followed your plan when he saved the auto industry."
  • @anthropocon says: "#Romnesia = Dems' inability to recall Obama's pathetic record after getting spanked by Romney in 2 debates and an Al Smith dinner."
  • @BarackObama tweeted: “If you've come down with #Romnesia and can’t remember the promises you've made, don’t worry—Obamacare covers pre-existing conditions.” 
  • He also tweeted: “If you say you’ll protect a woman’s right to choose but you say you’d be ‘delighted’ to sign a law outlawing it, you've got #Romnesia.” 
  • @LOLGOP tweeted: "#Romnesia: Who created Romneycare again?"

And perhaps the best #Romnesia tweet goes to @Indecision, who shared: "I hope Obama sends whoever came up with #Romnesia to Pun-tanamo Bay."

Ba dum, ching! Nailed it.

Thoughts on #Romnesia?


Photo via DVIDSHUB/Flickr

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