Ex-Teacher Sarah Jones' Teenage Boyfriend Doesn't Think He's a Victim (VIDEO)

Sarah JonesWhoa-mi-Gawd. Have I got a shocker for you. Remember Sarah Jones, the former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and high school English teacher who was convicted of having sex with one of her teenage students? Well Cody York is now 18, and he's coming out on Dateline to tell the world that he is not a victim.

Well knock me over with a feather. A boy who had sex with a gorgeous NFL cheerleader does not think she victimized him. Next thing you know, scientists are going to tell us that there really are gnomes in the dryer who steal our socks.


Or that there are teachers out there who can actually keep it in their pants until their students are over age 18 and actually out of school. Well, on second thought ...

Listen, I get it. Cody York is trying to tell the world that Sarah Jones didn't put a gun to his head and make him pull down his pants. He was 17, and he wanted to have sex! I'm not going to accuse him of lying.

But does this really change anything?

Sure, he wanted to have sex. Sure, they are now dating and say they're in love (quick, grab a barf bag).

But Sarah Jones is still guilty in the eyes of the law of sexual misconduct and custodial interference for one very simple reason. She screwed up.

Her screw-up wasn't about whether Cody wanted to have sex or not. It's about the fact that she was a teacher having sex with her student. Period. End of story.

If she hadn't been a teacher, if Cody hadn't been her student, this probably wouldn't have gone anywhere at all. In the State of Kentucky, 16 is the age of consent for sex. At 17, Cody was legal ... for anyone not working as his high school teacher.

And therein lies the rub.

This wasn't up to Cody. It was never about what he wanted. It was about the law. It was up to Sarah Jones not to violate the trust put in her by the administration of the high school where she was employed, the trust of the parents who send their kids to school.

Sarah Jones lost her jobs and was convicted because of what she did, not because of how Cody felt. She needs to stop letting him fight her battles and just accept her fate:

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Do you look at this case any differently now that Cody has spoken out?


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