Murdered 'Maxim' Model Juliana Redding Gets a Real Hollywood Ending

Kelly Soo ParkAccused of murdering Juliana Redding.The name Juliana Redding isn't one most people recognize, because she was never famous enough to forget in the first place. The stunning brunette model and actress was just beginning her career when she was strangled in her California home in 2008. She was in a Maxim magazine spread and a really small role as "Sharon" in a 2005 flick called Kathy T (originally called Kathy T Gives Good Hoover -- awful, I know). Professionally, that's about it. Unfortunately, her murder will probably be her biggest claim to fame, both for the tragedy of it all as well as the Hollywood-sounding details surrounding the crime.


Her name is in the news again because the trial of the woman accused of strangling her, Kelly Soo Park, is heating up. Kelly Soo Park -- the exotically striking woman known as "James Bond" with long raven hair that could be a model or movie star herself. Here's where the plot gets a little complicated ...

Park was connected to Redding's former boyfriend, a shady Lebanese back surgeon and businessman named Munir Uwaydah.

How this beautiful young woman who was just 21 when she was killed got mixed up with this sketchy character, who is obviously much older, is baffling. It either preceded or was because of a business deal Uwaydah had going with Redding's father. The story goes that Uwaydah sent Park -- his "muscle" -- to intimidate Redding to get her father to pay a debt concerning the deal. Next thing we know, Redding is found strangled and forensic evidence puts Park at the scene.

Park has pleaded not guilty, but Uwaydah fled back to Lebanon the moment Park was arrested for the crime, which doesn't bode too well for her. The U.S. does not have an agreement to extradite with Lebanon, so we'll probably never see that scum again.

I would not be the least bit surprised if they make a movie out of the Juliana Redding murder for all its sordid, underworld details someday, and they can get Megan Fox or Kristen Stewart to play the lead role. How sad and ironic that would be.

Do the details of this case sound fishy to you? Why would he go after the daughter and not the dad?

Image via Santa Monica Police

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