Boy Scout 'Perversion Files' Reveals Cops & Community Leaders Helped With the Cover-Up

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The Boy Scouts "perversion files" scandal may be much bigger than previously feared. The documents not only reveal names of pack leaders who allegedly abused boys, but may also indicate a network of cops, prosecutors, pastors, and others who helped cover up the crimes.

The kids organization was forced to release 15,000 pages of documents that detail decades of sex abuse and 1,250 names of accused volunteers. If these reports are found to be true, this could be the most far-reaching molestation case in the country's history.


Various community members may have protected Boy Scout leaders and others accused of molesting the boys, according to the once confidential files chronicling incidents from 1959 to 1985 all over the country. In one instance in 1965, a Louisiana mother went to the sheriff to report that a scoutmaster had raped one son and molested two others. Days later, he actually confessed but charges were never filed.

The alleged justification for sweeping these crimes under the rug year after year? At the time, they reportedly wanted to protect the "good name and good works" of scouting. In reality, what they were really doing was protecting sick predators and ignoring their many victims.

The Boy Scouts of America fought hard to keep these documents a secret, but lost a 2010 Oregon civil suit, and the files are just being made public. The documents do show that that database of names helped the organization keep some known pedophiles out of leadership positions, but in some cases, these men found their way back into jobs where they were dealing with young boys.

In fact, some suggest the organization actually showed compassion for suspected molesters by sending them to psychiatrist and pastors for counseling. But honestly, that was not enough. If they committed crimes, they should have been turned over to the police.

And there may be more documents yet to be revealed. The group has reportedly collected records since it was founded in 1910. Who knows what incidences went unnoticed or undocumented. It is unbelievable an organization that prides itself on honor and duty would work so diligently to keep this sick catalog of dirty secrets. Well, it's not a secret anymore and a lot of people may have to answer for their part in these crimes.

Are you shocked so many people may have been involved in this cover-up?


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