Romney Leads in Presidential Poll by 7% But Here’s What Really Counts (VIDEO)

obama romneyIt looks like this year's presidential election is going to be a real nail-biter up the the very end. Unless either of the candidates is revealed to secretly be The Joker, I don't see a landslide for either. But the latest surprise in the polls is the way Romney pulled seven percentage points ahead in the Gallup poll.

This is remarkable because all the other polls are much closer, with one or the other candidate ahead by only a couple percentage points.

There's no question that Romney has closed the gap with Obama since that first presidential debate. When Huffington Post looks at the average of all the poll results, Obama and Romney are tied! Will we have another ballot recount like in 2000? (Please NOOOO!!!) But wait, there's one huge thing we're forgetting here.


In the end it's not about the polls. It's about the electoral votes. Right now Obama is ahead in electoral votes -- but it's still incredibly close, and several states are still considered toss-ups.

The Guardian/Real Clear Politics electoral count (so cute) shows Romney with way more balloons than he had earlier this fall. But Obama is still ahead, 243 to 206 with 89 points still up for grabs. Talking Points Memo's electoral scoreboard shows an even more narrow lead for Obama, 258 to 237, with 42 tossup points. As you can see, there are enough electoral votes up for grabs that it could still go either way.

New Hampshire, Colorado, Arizona, and OHIO are the four most prominent swing states. Oh man, I would really hate to live in Ohio right now. Those folks must be so sick of ads and rallies.

WHO WILL END UP WITH THE MOST BALLOONS? I mean electoral votes. It's so clear: We're not going to find out until November 7 -- if then.

Who do you think will be our next president?


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