Jerry Sandusky's Heartbroken 'Victim 1' Describes Running From the Evil Predator

Penn State Every since the awful Jerry Sandusky story broke, we have heard an enormous amount about his victims but most of it has been by number. Now "victim one" is speaking out and using his real name -- Aaron Fisher -- to tell his horrible story about Sandusky's abuse.

Fisher, 18, testified against Sandusky last June when Sandusky was on trial for 52 charges of sexual crimes against children. It was Fisher's 2008 allegation of abuse that started the investigation. Sandusky, a former Penn State football assistant coach, was eventually sentenced to at least 30 years in prison.

The case has been heartbreaking on so many levels, but the truth is, the fact that it was boys almost makes it harder. Not that it's EVER ok in either case, but for boys, the emotions and anger can be harder to express. As Fisher himself told People:


Saying sexual abuse has happened was hard. But I wanted to help people see that it is better to come forward and tell somebody than to be silent.

He describes being chased by Sandusky and forced to submit to his sick demands. He admits it was awful and every bit as traumatic as any one of us could imagine.

As a mom, my heart breaks imagining how scared he must have been as a child, running from this evil grown man. As terrible and sickening as Sandusky's crimes were, perhaps what is most unforgivable is how long others allowed it to go on. It must have been unbelievably hard for one boy to come forward. But his bravery allowed others to do so.

His courage took down a man so many people protected. In the end, it wasn't the grown man (Mike McQueary!) who saw him in the shower or the authorities at Penn State who took Sandusky down. It was the little boy Sandusky terrified and frightened.

It's much harder for boys to talk about than girls, which is so sad and wrong. Victims should never feel shame. It's the perpetrators who are guilty. Sandusky is guilty.

Fisher said he wants to be seen as a hero and not as a victim. I think he won't have any problem with that. He IS my hero. What an amazing man.

Do you think boys feel more shame over abuse?


Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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