Brilliant Bullet Tax Will Make Murder Too Pricey for Criminals


Gang violence is a serious problem in Chicago. Deadly shootings have led to a big jump in homicide rates. To reverse the city's frightening murder stats, Cook Country Board President Toni Preckwinkle wants to impose a tax for every single bullet sold.

His proposed budget would charge an extra nickle for each shell sold and $25 for every gun. The hope is that it limits the number of weapons on the street, curbs the out-of-control killing and earn the city some much needed cash (about $1 million a year that could be used to treat gunshot victims without insurance). Win-win, right? Well, not everyone is happy with this-- and I'm not just talking about the gang-bangers.


Preckwinkle's plan would impact hunters and every other gun owner too. This would apply to all firearms and ammo -- except those carried by law enforcement. It's no surprise guns-rights advocates are considering challenging the law despite the overwhelming crime rates. The city reported 409 homicides this year compared to 324 during the same time period in 2011. "It's not the law-abiding citizens stacking bodies like cordwood in Chicago; it's the bad guys," a spokesperson for Citizens Committee for the Right to Bear Arms

Preckwinkle refuted that claim by saying that nearly 1/3 of guns recovered by cops after being used in crimes were found to have been originally purchased legally in suburban Cook County.

Yes, this is clearly an extra financial burden for good citizens who want to pack heat, but it's aim is to make everyone safer. Nothing else seems to be an effective deterrent -- certainly not harsh sentences or fear of prison time. Killing is too easy for people these days. If morality certainly isn't working, why not make it too pricey to pump a bunch of bullets into someone?

Do you think the extra taxes will curb gun crime?

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