Binders Get Hilarious Amazon Reviews After Romney Gaffe

bindersOh Binders Full of Women Meme, you are the gift that keeps on giving! Picking up where Big Bird left off and taking the joke further than I ever imagined it could go. Like to

They came for the wide selection of office supplies. They stayed for the binder jokes. People are flocking to the website's many binders just to leave a joke review of the products. There's so much silliness going on there we kind of want to, you know, put it all in a binder to present to a certain presidential candidate. Know what I mean? (Slappin' my knee at that one.) Anyhoo, here's a few of our favorites.


For the Avery Durable View Binder with 2-Inch EZ-Turn Ring

William J. Clinton: "Brilliant. If I would have kept my women in a binder, I'd have saved myself a lot of embarrassment. Does anyone know if these are stain-resistant?" 

Staci: "I will not be bound! After watching the debates the other night, I rushed online to get a binder. It arrived and as I was trying it on for size, the middle ring punctured my lung. I am now sitting in the emergency room without health insurance and unable to pay my medical bill because my boss will only pay me 72% of what I should be earning. Sheesh ..."

El Rey Lin: "This binder flip-flops all the time. Strange. In the spring, this binder was very cold and rough, like it was trying to prove that it was more so than all the other binders. Now all of a sudden the binder has become warm and fuzzy, and a big smiley face has appeared on the outside. And the whole time, the binder has constantly flip-flopped around my desk on its own. Whenever I look for it, it's never in the same place I left it."

"I think this binder must have no real beliefs of its own other than acquiring power for power's sake. It reminds me of a vaguely sinister robot."

Ekfregoski: "I was actually contained in this binder after I graduated from college in 2002. It has several positive qualities which made it easy for a 64 year old Republican man to hire me for a job in which I would be over-qualified and under-paid ... After being hired, the 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring made it so simple for my new employer to then remove me from it." 

Avery Economy Binder with 1-Inch Round Ring in Black

Moi: "On CNN, some guy named "Mitt" said that binders were full of women. Being lonely and single I bought several of these binders and had them shipped overnight. While they are quality binders, I was dismayed to find no women in any of the dozen binders I ordered. I will be returning them."

Sally: "This is a nice binder, but not quite up to five star standards. As a petite lady, I did not anticipate any problems fitting inside this binder. In fact, I expected to be able to share it with at least one or two of my friends. The binder is much too small to contain women, and in fact does not even fit one woman very adequately."

Filexec 3 Ring Binder, 1 Inch Capacity, Opaque, Letter size, Pack of 4 in Blue, Hot Pink, Purple, Green

Shivadasa: "Hearing all the fuss about binders being full of women, I thought I would check them out myself. Alas My dom and I were quite disappointed when we realized how large these binders really were. Way to much room to move around, as I prefer to be squeezed into really small binders; ones that tighten around me allowing complete control by my Dom. Sensational for those really hot steamy nights! Bummer that we will have to keep searching to find the Perrrfect binders for all our kinky pleasures!!!"

Jaybee: "Just perfect! Great color. I just love the hot pink. My favorite. Perfect size! Perfect fit! Fits both big bird and seamus, and fits perfectly on top of my little car. Just perfect, voila!"

Flute *wrangler: "Thank you, Filexec, for making an opaque binder for my man to put me in. I can't worry my pretty little head about outside events, like choosing a president. Goodness, I have enough trouble choosing a mold for my man's favourite sugar-sweetened, imitation-flavored, gelatin desert. Oh, here's a new one: Human Brain Gelatin Mold Halloween Party Prop"

What do you think makes a high-quality binder?


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