Ann Romney Tells Whoopi Goldberg Both Missions & the Military Turn Boys Into Men (VIDEO)

ann romney whoopi goldbergLike it or not, First Lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney have had to face some tough talk, criticism, and pointed questions since hitting the campaign trail for this election. And today on The View, Ann may have had to address one of the toughest, most brutal questions she's been asked yet. The always outspoken Whoopi Goldberg asked the Republican candidate's wife point-blank about how she would talk to mothers of military servicemen and women who don't make it home alive -- especially being that Ann and Mitt's sons never served.

Oh yeah, it was an incredibly uncomfortable moment. But the way it played out was very telling ...


Initially, Whoopi aimed to confirm whether or not Mitt opted not to serve because his religion wouldn't allow it, and Ann not so gently corrected her. Sounded like Whoopi may have been mixing up Mormons with Quakers. But anyway, Ann confirmed neither her hubby or her sons served. So, Whoopi went on to ask Ann (brace yourself!) ...

So when you're facing these mothers whose children have not come back, how will you explain to them that your sons haven't gone?

Whoa, hello, calling her out big time! Ann's response to Whoopi's inquiries? Well, apparently, Mitt was serving his mission instead of going to Vietnam, and regarding her sons, "none served in the military," but they served their mission. And ... the clincher: "I sent them away boys and they came back men." Whaaat?!

Check out the full exchange here ... 

Okay, going on a mission is part of growing up as a Mormon. I understand that. But how on earth does she compare her sons' mission to serving in the military? That should strike anyone who has actually served or has a loved one who has as completely and utterly offensive. It's not even in the same ballpark. I mean, were her husband and her sons putting their LIVES on the line when they went on their mission? Not so sure about that. Being that those who go into the military are actually putting their lives on the line for our country, it was completely crazy of her to draw that parallel.

Oh well, just goes to show what an alternate universe the Romneys live in. This bizarro exchange should seriously make voters consider just how much Mitt and Ann understand and respect the lives and sacrifices of not only average Americans but our brave, selfless service members.

How do you feel about Ann Romney's response to Whoopi's question?


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