Woman Calls Her Husband "Master" & Makes a Mockery of the Bible

bibleRachel Held Evans, who calls herself a feminist Christian, spent the last year living “biblically -- and then wrote a book about her experience. "What does that mean," you ask? Well, you know that bit in the bible about leaving your parents to go serve and obey your husband? That's what she did, literally, for a year.

Basically, she took the bible and made a mockery of the entire thing. Whether she meant to or not. Though, I don’t think you can make a complete joke of something without intent. I think her little "experiment" was total crap.


During what Evans refers to as “The Womanhood Project,“ she sewed her own clothes, grew her hair out long, lived outside in a tent during menstruation, called her husbandMaster,” and sat alone on the roof of her house in a time-out after deciding her behavior was particularly unbecoming. Is she saying that the only way to be biblical is to pretend we are in the dark ages? I’m confused. Did she cut electricity out of her life as a penance too? Maybe she should ... for mocking the bible. Seems fair.

Here's my issue -- isn't it better to just be honest about your beliefs in the first place? I may not be living biblically, but I am living honestly. I'm not so sure the same can be said for Evans. She appears to be poking fun with her book, though she vehemently denies that she is. But you don’t make a spectacle, write a book, and make videos in a "poking fun" manner if you are taking a challenge seriously. Perhaps Mrs. Evans just sat on the roof and pitched tents during her period as an excuse to get away from her family -- for some peace and quiet. Or maybe, I suspect, she really just did it for attention and to sell a book. Either way, it seems wrong to me.

I had that submissive language removed from my, vows because I am not a dog nor am I a maid and I don’t submit or serve anyone. I took them out because I don't believe in it. Sure I could have left it in there and been all sarcastic when I took my wedding vows just to make the point -- but then I would be lying.


Do you think Rachel’s living “biblically” for a year was a ridiculous experiment?

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