Tagg Romney's 'Take a Swing' at Obama Joke Makes Us Wonder About His Dad (VIDEO)

tagg romneyWelp, you can tell a lot about a person by their kids. I'm talking about grown kids, just to be fair. Take, for example, Mitt Romney's son Tagg. Tagg Romeny did an interview with North Carolina radio host Bill LuMaye this week. Here's how that went down.

Bill asked Tagg how it felt "to hear the president of the United States call your dad a liar?" Tagg was a patriot and a gentleman about this misleading question and correctly stated that Obama never did that. Oops, sorry, no he didn't! Instead he said this:

You want to jump out of your seat and rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him.

A proud moment for Tagg and his parents, I'm sure. Let's get that one cross stitched and mounted over the mantel: The Time Tagg Said He Wanted to Hit the President. Ho ho, those boys!


Wow, I'm sure Tagg is just human and he gets emotionally caught up in the campaign. But can you believe how disrespectful? I think back to all the times conservatives wailed and screamed every time people said anything the least bit angry about President George W. Bush. And now here we are.

Say this about a Republican president and you're an unpatriotic communist terrorist -- and probably also Kenyan! Say this about a Democrat and you're a macho hero.

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As someone who grew up in the Mormon church, I'm doubly disappointed in Tagg. The church does not espouse violence. It's a religion of peace. It preaches turning the other cheek. Frankly, I can't believe Mormon church officials have been okay with all the falsehoods Mitt has been saying -- but I digress.

I know there's plenty of people out there who think what Tagg said -- and much, much worse. But those are private citizens. When you're the offspring of a presidential candidate and you're a member of his campaign team, you should be held to a higher standard.

Obviously Tagg knows that, thanks to those pesky Secret Service men, he can't take a swing at the president. And now a Romney campaign aide is saying he was only joking. Joke, it was a joke! Hardy har har. But you know, if he hates hearing Obama say the words "that isn't true" to Mitt Romney then maybe he should ask his father to just stick with the truth. Problem solved!

Do you think it was inappropriate of Tagg to say he'd like to take a swing at President Obama?

Image via ABC News

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