Mitt Romney's 'Binder of Women' Lie Is Scarier Than It Is Funny

Mitt RomneyMorning Joe host Mika Brzezinski came down hard Thursday morning on that liar, liar pants on fire Mitt Romney for what she described as his “insulting” and untrue statement regarding the binder of women everyone was mocking yesterday. It turns out he was lying in the debate Tuesday about that and Brzezinski is not having it.

The whole thing started when Romney made the claim that, as candidate for governor, he commissioned a "binder full of women" in order to give women better jobs. As it turns out, he din't "commission" it at all. It was given to him by a women's group. It was also given to his rival candidate.

Good for Brzezinski for calling out his lies. And everyone complaining about Candy Crowley's performance in the debate Tuesday night should know one thing: News people value the truth.


The fact is, all candidates stumble, make gaffes, and lie whether intentionally or out of ignorance. But Romney does it a lot more. Romney will say whatever he can to get himself elected, and if he has to make up a "binder of women" to become the President, then he will.

How anyone could possibly vote for him knowing all this is beyond me. His ability to obfuscate the truth is scary. What would he do if he were in office?

We need to really think about the KIND of person who is in the White House. I hated George W. Bush when he was in office, but I generally didn't think he was a bad person. I think his lies (because, let's face it, most politicians lie in some way) served something greater than himself. He truly believed he was doing good.

I don't think Romney believes that. Living in Massachusetts and watching him change from the moderate conservative we elected into the hard core anti-choice conservative he is today makes it clear just how much he is willing to say to get elected. Watching him attack the very plan HE created (the Massachusetts health plan) on a national level ("Obamacare") is frightening.

If you think Mitt Romney cares about anyone but Mitt Romney, I have a bridge I can sell you. So, yes. I am grateful to Candy Crowley and Mika Brzezinski for being brave enough to call him out. Now, it's our job to listen.

Do you think Mitt Romney is a good person?


Image via Adam Glanzman/Flickr

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