Cops Who Tased Blind Man Should Be Removed From the Force

cops tase blind manIn a horrifying story out of England, cops tased a blind man after mistaking his walking stick for a sword. Don't even ask me how this happens, but apparently the poor man was walking down the street when cops came upon him, surrounded him, and tased him when he refused to stand down.

Um, maybe this is because he was blind? Look, I realize this happened in another country, but this is so unacceptable. Without a doubt, if this happened in the US, I would say these cops need to be removed from their jobs immediately.

I get all the arguments for brave cops who put themselves in the line of fire. I get that they make mistakes that sometimes hurt people. But really, no. I am sorry. But these kinds of "mistakes" can't happen.


This isn't the first time something like this has happened in the world. Every few months it seems another story comes out about some way in which officers overstep their bounds, whether it's shooting someone who was unarmed or roughing someone up in interrogation. Obviously, this is not the norm (I hope), but it's more common than it should be.

The job of a cop isn't an enviable one in many ways. It's hard, dangerous work for low pay and sometimes very little respect as well. But presumably, the men and women who enter the field do so with the idea that they want to protect people. After all, why else would you put yourself in harm's way?

Perhaps I am naive. I have certainly heard grumblings from friends about teenage bullies becoming either criminals or cops, and I have read sociological studies that say people with violent tendencies do tend to gravitate toward law enforcement. But in my personal experience, I have only found police officers to generally be helpful, brave, and decent, albeit sometimes stodgy about giving me speeding tickets.

So what gives? Who are these cops who tase without thinking or shoot their guns willy nilly without a thought to whom they hit? These stories are upsetting and they need to end. It needs to be clear that an officer of the law is just that -- someone who upholds the law. Being a bully and hurting innocent people is simply not OK and that behavior will not stand.

How do you think cops should pay for huge mistakes?


Image via davidsonscott15/Flickr

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