Brother & Sister Crime Duo Claim They Were ‘Having Sex’ Not Stealing

sibling robbersBrother and sister Amanda and Robert Larrivee were busy trying to steal a television from a sports bar ladies room (allegedly) when they were caught red-handed. A woman using the bathroom there saw them and ran off to alert the manager. When the manager investigated the siblings had a likely excuse for all the noise they'd been making: They claimed they were just having sex.

Oh right! SEX! Well, that's okay. As you were, Amanda and Robert Larrivee. That's not weird at all. I guess they assumed no one would ever find out they were actually siblings? Also: Why would that be the first excuse that pops into your head?


I mean... yuck. My brothers are great guys. Apparently other women out there find them attractive. I'll have to take their word for it. But I would never, NEVER think to pretend I'm a girlfriend to either of them under any circumstances. Doing the Icky Dance just thinking about those words coming out of my mouth! Why? Why???

Surely they could have come up with another excuse for the noise. Amanda could've said the bathroom TV wasn't working so she brought her brother in to see if he could fix it. Plausible? Not really, but it's no more plausible than "I was bonin' my bro."

Sorry, now you can't un-read that. I apologize. By the way, the brother allegedly also stole the television from the men's room. Which makes me wonder another all-consuming question: Why are there television sets in the bathrooms of a bar, anyway?

Would you ever think to pose as your sibling's lover under any circumstances?


Image via Springfield Police Department

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