Man Accused of Secretly Videotaping Kids Undressing Has Us Yanking Our Shades Down

We hear a lot about the dangers of letting kids go outside by themselves, so you'd at least hope they're safe from pervs when they're inside and off the computer. But kids in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, may not have been. A man named Renzo Barduagni has been charged with secretly videotaping neighborhood kids as they undressed in their homes. Sheesh, this not only takes depravity, but you've got to be pretty determined and cunning to scope out all of the neighborhood homes and figure out where the kids' rooms are and then figure out when they're undressing.


A four-month investigation reportedly found that Barduagni, who is 50 years old and in the country on a work visa, had been secretly videotaping neighborhood kids for quite awhile.

Suburban Chicago's The Daily Herald reports that video of one naked neighborhood child was located in the suspect's home. (No word on how old that child was.) Police are reportedly reviewing all of the suspect's videos to see what other kids may have been videotaped. A neighbor said that Barduagni had moved to the suburb about six years ago and next door there's a swimming pool where the neighborhood kids like to congregate. He says people in the neighborhood are "ready to vomit" at the news of a possible predator in their midst.

Since Barduagni had no criminal record, he wouldn't have been registered as a sex offender. Makes you wonder how you could possibly keep yourself safe from this kind of thing. Other than always drawing your shades, I guess. But I think people have a right to leave their shades open when there's a basic expectation of privacy.

Unless you live in the city and are looking straight into a neighbor's windows, you usually don't suspect someone is creeping about your yard with a videocam. Plus, when you're trying to get kids ready for bed, it's usually chaos. You're concentrating on getting the kids fed, their teeth brushed, and into their pajamas while fending off their whines and complaints, not thinking about pulling down the shades for fear of a perv.

But I guess with this kind of thing going on, you can never be too careful.

Do you take precautions when your kids are undressing?


Image via DuPage County Sheriff

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