Home Depot Pipe Bomb Could Be Part Of a Much Bigger Plot

home depot

There are a lot of places that seem like likely targets for bombs -- tourist sites, mass transit hubs, federal buildings. I never worried about the Home Depot though - that is until today. Investigators found a bomb at the do-it-yourself supply store in Huntington, New York this week.

According to police, a suspect has been arrested in what they believe was an attempted extortion plot that involved an "improvised explosive device." One source even says this could be the lead up to a larger scale attack scheduled to happen over the holidays or even "Black Friday," the biggest shopping day of the year.


Reportedly, the store's manager received a letter saying there was a pipe bomb in the store. They called 911 immediately and the 50 or so customers inside at the time were evacuated. Once the device was located, it was moved to an isolated area on the property where they could detonate it. They have collected the fragments and now investigators are analyzing the materials.

The FBI has started interviewing employees and searching through surveillance videos. A source told CBS New York the bomb may be part of a larger plot -- either an extortion attempt of a full-scale attack timed for the holidays or Black Friday.

Details about the person in custody are limited right now, but officials are trying to decide if the charges should be on the state or federal level. Scary, isn't it. No one imagines facing that kind of danger when they go in to by a garden hose. Whether it is strictly for money or terrorist reasons, it's just an indication of what a sorry and sad state this world is in.

Will this news impact where you shop or when?


Image via Neubie/Flickr

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