Toddler Found Wandering in Road Is Lesson in Don't Take Your Eyes Off Them. Ever.

Three middle school students found quite the surprise when they were walking home from school on a city street in New Jersey: a 14-month-old toddler. Thanks to the quick-thinking of these amazing kids, who grabbed up the toddler and called the police, this wandering toddler was returned home safely.

This small toddler had wandered out of her grandmother's home after her cousins had unwittingly left the door to the house open. The child was then found by the three eighth-grade students walking along the curb of a city street at 3:30 p.m.

We'll let you know when our hearts stop pounding, because we know how easily these sorts of things can happen.


Ask anyone who's ever been a parent -- toddlers are some of the most curious and (frustratingly) fearless of all ages of children, which means that as quickly as you can turn your back on them to start dinner or use the bathroom in peace, you may return to find them perched atop the highest bookcase in your home. Or, in the case of this particular child, wandering down a busy road.

This story of the case of the wandering toddler in the daytime is a wake-up call for caretakers everywhere.

We can only imagine how terrible the child's grandmother must feel about the whole situation. Thankfully, the child was safely returned home, but the terror of turning your back for a moment and finding a toddler in your care has wandered off will last a lifetime for this grandmother.

We can only hope that this particularly frightening wake-up call will serve as a reminder to her parents and caretakers everywhere that you must never, ever take your eyes off a toddler. Not even for a moment.

I know that tonight, I'll be holding my babies closer than ever. Much to their dismay.

How did you react to hearing about this wandering child? Does it scare you? How would you feel if you had been the caretaker to this child?


Image via Richard Lemming/Flickr

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