Zumba Sex Scandal Is Going to Ruin More Than One Marriage

zumba sexThe Zumba sex scandal just gets juicier and juicier. Earlier this week, the list of names of men who paid for sex with Alexis Wright, the hot Zumba fitness instructor accused of being paid for sex with more than 100 men, was revealed in Kennebunk, Maine. Her name has been plastered all over the papers for a week, but now it's the men's turn. And what a turn.

There are laywers, a former mayor, businessmen, and captains of industry, most of whom are married and have a lot to lose. It's not good for them. But it's not good for women, either. Think of all those wives who are finding out their husbands are on that list. Pretty awful, no?

With more than 100 men expected to be "outed" here, I'd say the sweeping lesson in love and marriage is this: men can be real dogs. Sure, not ALL men, but the vast majority would gladly have sex with a hot women in her 20s and forget their wives for a night. Sorry. It's true.


Ninety-nine percent of the comments on this post will say that THEIR husbands would never cheat. The other one percent will claim that they are cuter than this woman (insert eye roll). But having known a good many men in my life, there are very few I know who have not or would not cheat on their wives in the right circumstances.

Believe it or not, many men aren't totally honest with the women in their lives. I have heard stories from men (when they are open) about oral sex with hookers ("don't tell my wife!") and more, and the most common refrain is this: "It's not cheating if I pay for it, right?"


It's cheating and it will hurt your wife. Forget the diseases (or don't because honestly? Yuck). Let's focus instead on the cheating itself. Because yes, sleeping with another woman -- even one you pay -- IS cheating.

So these men get hung out to dry in public. But my guess is the pain their wives feel in private is far, far worse. It must be beyond humiliating. What dirty dogs.

Do you think your husband or husbands you know would do this?


Image via zumba_/Flickr

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