Alleged Murderer's Chewing Gum May Nab Killer in 36-Year-Old Case

gum murderA 36-year-old year murder case out of Augusta, Maine finally has an arrest after decades of sitting cold. And it's all thanks to chewing gum.

In 1976, Gary Raub was a tenant in the home of 70-year-old Blanche Kimball when she was found brutally stabbed to death. At the time, Raub, a drifter, was questioned and allowed to walk free. But using DNA evidence they didn't have at the time from blood left at the scene, police were able to trick Raub with a "gum survey" into donating his DNA. Now he has been arrested and maybe Kimball's family will finally get some justice.

These kinds of cases are always so interesting. Is it really justice when it comes 36 years later?


He has had 36 years to live, to breathe fresh air, to do whatever he wanted. He has had time whoever killed Kimball stole from her. There are so many cold cases that are solved like this, but I would imagine they give the family cold comfort.

Sure, they can finally have closure and someone pays and all of those other things. But I can't help feeling if it were my mom or my aunt or my grandmother, I would be so angry that it took so long.

Then again, who would I be angry at? The people who investigated it? The air? The fact is, people get away with things. Even murder. And justice can take a long time to come. Sometimes it never comes.

It kind of ruins everything we want to believe about the world. How can someone who may have murdered another human being in cold blood possibly be free to do as they please in life? It seems impossible and unfair.

So we convince ourselves there is this thing called "justice" and those who suffer will be avenged. But we are kidding ourselves. There is no justice for Kimball. What happened to her is a travesty and nothing is going to make that any better. Even if he is found guilty.

Do you consider this "justice"?


Image via basykes/Flickr

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