Romney Lied About 'Binders Full of Women' – It’s Been Fact Checked!

romney binders full of womenMy jaw dropped during last night's debates when Romney brought up the "binders full of women." The whole thing rang a false note to me, especially since he totally evaded the question of equal pay -- a big issue back in ye olde 1970s and STILL a big issue now because we haven't closed that gap. Not to mention -- how pathetic was it that he didn't have any accomplished women in his own Rolodex and had to go ask women's groups for some lady names. What?!? No surprise, considering Bain didn't have a single female partner while Romney was there.

But my bullshit detector was stronger than I thought. Those binders full of women? Romney didn't commission them. Hiring more women wasn't even his idea. That goal was pitched to him by a Massachusetts women's group called MassGAP.


David Bernstein writes in the Phoenix that MassGAP's mission was to fill cabinet positions with women regardless of who got elected. "They did the research and put together the binder full of women qualified for all the different cabinet positions, agency heads, and authorities and commissions." And they presented it to Romney when he was elected governor of Massachusetts.

It is to his credit that Romney actually looked at the binder and did hire women to senior positions (42 percent were filled by women, and let's hear it for flex time women get for making kids dinner since apparently that's a task that apparently never falls to dads -- WHA?). However, Bernstein points out they were mostly in posts that were not important to Romney "and in some cases, that he quite specifically wanted to not really do anything."

So what, right? As long as he did the right thing eventually? Hardly. He's taking credit for someone else's initiative. He's representing himself as someone who was forward-thinking when really he was just responsive to his political climate. And he still evaded the question about equal pay. At least he's consistent there. He's refused to comment on the question of equal pay throughout his campaign. How can you NOT BE FOR THAT?

What made Romney think he could get away with this whopper? I guess that's his sense of entitlement at play yet again. He never seems to think we're going to question his word. But we should. Because every lie Romney tells reveals what he really thinks and feels about Americans. And he totally deserves all of these hilarious binder meme jokes.

UPDATE: MassGAP confirms that they gathered names of women qualified for cabinet positions before the 2002 gubenatorial election and approached Romney's campaign team with the list. They applaud Romney's efforts in the first two years of his term, but point out that from 2004-2006 the percentage of newly-appointed women in these senior-appointed positions dropped to 25 percent.

Do you think it matters that Romney is taking credit for the idea of hiring more women in his cabinet?


Image via CBS News

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