Woman Uses Fake Baby to Get Cops to Help Her After Car Breaks Down

fake baby carThe lines between those with children and those without have never been clearer. Those of us with kids often feel like those without hate us unnecessarily and those who don't have kids often feel like parents take advantage of our position to get out of work or otherwise benefit.

Unfortunately for us, a woman in Florida now faces misdemeanor charges after making up a baby after she locked her keys in the car. Brenda Crosdale claimed to have a baby after she locked herself out of her car. She was trying to get the cops to come faster. They came all right. And they were angry. Who could blame them?

It's unclear whether Crosdale was a mom or not. But it's clear she did NOT have a baby with her. And she was totally misusing the fact that people generally want to help parents in a pinch. This hurts REAL parents a lot.


Law enforcement will be less likely to believe any parent in the future who really runs into the issue (and they do! Even my mom did!), and now all moms have a bad name because this one woman did this obnoxious thing.

Look, the fact is, if a baby (or a dog or, hell, even a hamster) is locked in a car, that DOES put a priority on the call. Period. But it's like people who "smell gas" to get the gas company out faster. Guess what happens? The next time someone smells gas, it might take a little longer to respond. They might not be as ready to believe it.

Using a "baby" to do that hurts all parents. So thanks for that, lady. The cops probably were happy to help a mom and baby in need once, but may be wary the next time. Obviously I know that isn't legal for them to make that determination, but even the slightest bit of doubt on anyone's part could delay things.

If parents and non-parents are ever to get along, it would be so much better if we could admit we are just all doing the best we can to love our families and selves as best as we can. But we also have to acknowledge that a baby in a car takes priority than a single woman stuck and having to wait.

Sorry child-free people. But I assume you understand.

Does this make you angry, too?


Image via Indian River County Sheriff's Department

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