Candy Crowley Won the Debate for President Obama

candy crowleyWhen it comes to debates, it really is the zingers that people remember. And it appears they could be a factor again in these 2012 elections. Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had some great ones in this second debate. Like when he talked about how if we continue borrowing and spending we are setting this country on "The Road to Greece" and when he turned to President Barack Obama and said, "Have you looked at your pension fund lately? You've got investments in China and the Caymans, too." And oh, yeah, I liked the, "Did he or didn't he call it an Act of Terror in the Rose Garden that day?" Although that one lost a little steam because it is unclear exactly what the Administration did and didn't say those first two weeks. As a fellow blogger said last night, if he did call it an Act of Terror but still kept blaming an anti-Islam movie on YouTube, is that telling the truth or just massaging the release of information?


Of course, the zinger that got the most attention was "binders full of women." But, I think it is really important that we point out that the expression only became an "issue" after the head of a liberal PAC seized on the quote and bought the URL and the Dems hit the switch that sent it viral.

I just have to say that I was part of a CafeMom forum right after the debate with a mix of women who are divided between Obama and Romney and it was barely mentioned. In fact, it didn't come up until ten minutes into the twenty minute conversation and if you watch the conversation, it didn't ignite any interest or controversy on our panel. None.

That's because some of us, like Paul Ryan said on the morning talk shows this morning, took Romney at face value and thought he was talking about how many women's resumes he considered and how many women he actually employed as Governor of Massachussetts. Again, let's not let the spin doctors create issues to divide us, ladies.

As to who won or lost the debate, I thought Candy Crowley won the debate for Obama. Really, Romney, who did sound and look a little tired, unfortunately, was on his game when he was talking about energy, the budget, the deficit and immigration and is only losing points because of the "did he or didn't he call it an Act of Terror" question which the moderator jumped in and answered in a way, that while authoritative, may not have been thorough. Really, without the assist, it was a draw.

Just let's remember that Romney isn't wrong when he says the Administration did blame the movie for two weeks. I thought it was really interesting that Hillary Clinton is taking the blame for that one. And do want to raise the question, knowing what we know about how good the Clintons are at spin, if maybe she was the architect of that initial response and the slow drip of the facts? Maybe that's why she got sent to Peru or wherever she was last night.

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