4.0 Maine Earthquake Gives New England a Shake

Maine EarthquakeAs residents of New England were likely warming up their easy chairs getting ready to see the candidates shake things up during the Presidential Debate tonight, they got an unexpected jolt. An earthquake hit Maine around 7 p.m., sending shock waves that were felt as far away as Boston.

According to the U.S. Geological Service it hit right outside of Hollis Center, Maine, which is about 20 miles west of Portland, and 100 miles north of Boston. As far as earthquakes go, it was a relatively small one. While it was initially reported to be a 4.6 magnitude quake, it was later downgraded to 4.0. No injuries or major damages have been reported, so phew, but what a way to pep up a Tuesday night.


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And, of course, now that all is well, people have taken to Twitter to make light of the situation. Some choice Tweets include:

"There was just an earthquake outside Portland, Maine. Look for Stephen King's 1000-page novelization, Doomquake, in bookstores tomorrow." -- @TheTweetofGod

"Earthquake in Maine causes a bunch of Moosen to tip over." -- @OpieRadio

"Still recovering from the Maine earthquake. Was buried under an avalanche of crab claws & white people for hours. I need your prayers." -- @UNTRESOR

"I think the odds that Romney wins a debate twice in a row are as likely as an earthquake hitting Boston tonight." -- @AriFleischer

I 'm just glad everyone is okay, and I can't help but think that if the earthquake had hit just a little later, during a particularly controversial point in the debate, how many people would surely seen it as sign ... of whatever they wanted it to be a sign of. As it was, now it will probably just be seen as yet another sign of the zombie apocalypse.

Did you feel the earthquake? Have you ever been in an earthquake?


Image via USGS.gov

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