Paul Ryan's Soup Kitchen Photo Op Explodes Into Meme Hilarity

paul ryan soup kitchen

People can't get enough of Paul Ryan's soup kitchen photo op! If you haven't already heard from everyone you know with Internet access, Ryan's campaign team "ramrodded" into a soup kitchen and had Ryan pretend to clean an already-cleaned pot for a photo op. Because it's the thought that counts! And for some reason we just can't let this hilarity go.

Look, if it were up to me, he'd just get the side-eye and I'd be moving on. But no. The Internets are tempting me with the most delectable Paul Ryan soup kitchen memes ever, like this one above via


Just Google Image "Paul Ryan Soup Kitchen" and you'll see loads more. That's gotta be so embarrassing for the Ryan kids! Can you imagine the eye-rolling? "Daaaad! Everyone knows you weren't actually doing anything there!"

Admit it, don't you kind of wish Paul Ryan hadn't attempted this back-fire of a photo op?


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