Romney's Tax Plan Is So Bogus Even Fox News Called It Out (VIDEO)

romney moneyIs anyone else still stumped by Mitt Romney's tax plan? As far as I understand it, it goes something like this: Everyone gets a 20 percent tax break, it won't raise the deficit, the Big Boys will close up a bunch of as-yet-unknown loopholes, don't ask us any more questions. I mean, if Martha Raddatz can't get Paul Ryan to explain it, who can?

Oh -- and the latest is that 20 percent isn't actually a set-in-stone policy, it's more "a broad principle" -- something that holds about as much weight as a pirate's promise, I'm sure.

Never mind the math, or those five or six "studies" that prove it'll work (the definition of "studies" is also more of a guideline). Here's a website that finally explains it all! Check it out:


So it reads, "For a detailed explanation of how the Romney-Ryan tax plan is able to cut taxes by $5 trillion without raising taxes on the middle class or exploding the deficit, simply click the button below." And there's this red button that reads, "Get the details," and -- wait a minute! That button won't stop moving around. YOU CAN'T CLICK ON IT. Bwa ha ha, you've been punked by the DNC. It's all a big joke.

romney tax plan

Hey, I'm not the only one who thinks Romney's tax plan is just a big joke. Here's Anderson Cooper ripping into it. "Keeping them honest, though, a bipartisan study found the math doesn't work. And the other studies, which the Romney campaign counters with, well they're coming under fire as well. The suggestion is that these are full-blow academic studies. Actually, three are blog-posts, one is a Wall Street Journal op-ed." The emperor has no clothes!

And here's Bill Clinton taking his turn. He explains why the math doesn't work and then he challenges us to stand up for "arithmetic over illusion." Burn.

Oh, but these are just a couple of "libtards," as some of the most astute members of the conservative community like to put it. Who cares what they think! What does Fox News have to say? I bet they'll back up Romney's tax plan! Yeah, here's Chris Wallace getting testy with Romney advisor Ed Gillespie over the lack of details in Romney's plan. "Why is it okay to tell voters about the candy ... but not about the spinach?"


This tax plan is bullshit. See you all at the debate tonight! Peace out. This is me dropping the mike and walking off stage. (Psst, Obama, that's how you do it.)

What do you think of the lack of details for Romney's tax plan?


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