Paul Ryan Girl's 'Let's Get Fiscal' Parody Makes Republicans Sexy Again (VIDEO)

You can argue into next year about which presidential candidate is right for America, but NO ONE can disagree that the 2012 election has been one of the most entertaining ones of all time. Hey, we may be in an economic free-fall, but at least we can laugh about it, ha!

The SNL Vice Presidential Debate skit this week was brilliant, and now for something a little different comes Ryan Girl's "Let's Get Fiscal" video, a parody of Olivia Newton-John's "Let's Get Physical."

Not only do we get to see Paul Ryan "shirtless again" (which can't happen often enough), but how often do you get to see a woman wearing hideous 1970s legwarmers, headband, and colored leotards and actually look pretty good in them? Makes one think that if she can pull off that trainwreck of a fashion statement that Romney-Ryan can do the impossible and pull us out of this financial mess we've gotten ... Well, um, maybe not ...

Check out the vid:


What do you think? Were the '70s aerobics costumes nearly as bad as you remember? Is this parody awesome or awful?

Image via LetsGetFiscalSanity/YouTube

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