Teen Haunted House Hanging Accident Was Mistaken for Scary Prop

nooseThey say there is nothing to fear but fear itself, but I am calling bullsh** this Halloween! A 17-year-old from Fenton, Missouri, Jessica Rue, cannot remember what happened last Halloween because while she was working at the local haunted house, something went terribly wrong.

It happened October 27, 2011 on Jessica's second day at Creepyworld. Her job was to scare the hell out of guests as they walked through a bathroom scene drenched in fake blood. The scene included a mangled mannequin and a noose. Jessica lost her balance on the edge of a tub and got caught up in the noose. She hung there anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes before being discovered and cut down. No one is sure how long the teen had the oxygen cut off from her brain. She almost died.


Patrons of Creepyworld passed by, shrieking, screaming, and laughing because, well, they thought she was just another part of the attraction. The episode left her in a coma for three days and with no memory of that night or of anything that happened in the two weeks prior to the incident. She also has short-term memory loss and must write things down in order to remember basic things.

It really is a miracle she is alive -- and so scary because it was clear from footprints discovered on the side of the tub, scuff marks on the wall, and rope burns on her fingers that poor Jessica was fighting for her life. No one helped her. No one knew this wasn't part of the act.

As a parent, I almost feel it is better she doesn't remember the sheer terror of the incident -- but, also, I can’t stop thinking of that poor teen girl hanging there while the rest of Creepyworld shrieked with delight. That must have been the most awful feeling of helplessness that anyone could ever experience. Her eyes begging for someone to save her.

I don’t know about you, but I will never look at haunted houses the same. How can I enjoy it when, in the back of my head, I’ll be inspecting all the props to make sure that it’s not real. 

Do you go into these kinds of haunted houses around Halloween? Does this make you look at them a little differently?

Image via stiatska/Flickr

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