OMG, CIA Has a Binder Full of Women Too!

American-born terrorist Anwar al Awlaki was one of the world's most wanted terrorists, having been linked to a number of terror plots -- including a failed attempt to blow up a US jetliner and an actual attack, which killed 13 people on Fort Hood.

According to a Danish newspaper, the CIA had been looking for Anwar al Awlaki to bring him to justice, paying an al Qaeda spy a quarter of a million dollars.

What was the money for? To help Anwar al Awlaki find a bride so the CIA could allegedly use the woman to draw Anwar al Awlaki out of hiding. And find one, they did.

Turns out, it takes a woman to get the job done.


The woman, a 32-year-old Croatian named Aminah, was found by Morten Storm, the CIA's double agent, through a Facebook page put together by sympathizers of al Awlaki. Storm then claims that he began to play matchmaker for the CIA.

Facebook: the matchmaker for everyone from long-lost high school sweethearts to terrorists.

After all, in 2009, Storm claims he'd been asked by al Awlaki to help him find a European Muslim for his third wife.

Aminah sent super-romantic messages to al Awlaki like, "I am 32-years old and ready for dangerous things. I am ready to die for the sake of Allah," and sent a proposal video to al Awlaki in which she says that she was "nervous ... awkward ... I just taped this so you can see how I look."

Sounds about like every Internet date we've heard of.

Al Awlaki wrote Aminah back, romantically stating, "If you can live in difficult conditions, don't mind loneliness, and can live with restrictions on your communications with others, that is great." That has to be one of the worst prenups on the planet.

Things were blissful for the alleged terrorist and his bride-to-be until, Storm claims, the CIA bugged her suitcase with tracking devices without her knowledge. Storm then claimed that the CIA informed him that both al Awlaki and his bride-to-be would be killed by a drone strike if the plot had succeeded.

It sorta did. Kinda.

Oddly, al Awlaki was killed in a CIA drone strike in 2011, which the CIA declined to comment about (smart move, CIA).

Even more oddly, the terrorist-marriage-from-Facebook set up by a double agent? It succeeded despite the awkward odds.

Aminah, Storm claimed, proving that hell hath no fury, expressed her desire to go on a suicide mission to avenge her late husband, but decided to work on the online al Qaeda magazine Inspire instead.

It turns out that love can be found in the weirdest of places. And, if you need a job done? Enlist a woman.


Image via ABCNews

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