Homeless Man Saves Newborn Who Isn't Breathing After Mom Goes Into Labor at Truck Stop

Homeless people get a bad rap. Occasionally you hear about one doing something heroic that makes the news -- like the guys who took down the sex offender who reportedly attacked a young girl -- but for the most part these are the people we step over on our way to work. Maybe we give them a dollar occasionally. But we generally don't think too much about how they got to where they are on the street.

Maybe we don't want to think about it too much, because many of us are living paycheck to paycheck and it's a terrifying prospect to think about what might happen if that paycheck stops. The truth is that while homeless people often do have mental or addiction issues -- they can be just like us, only a lot unluckier. How to explain this homeless man who saved a newborn's life when a woman went into labor at a truck stop? Listen up. It might change your impression of the homeless forever.


When pregnant Keaton Mason suddenly went into labor four weeks early while driving with her fiance, they pulled into an Oklahoma truck stop and dialed 911. But you know how that goes. If you're in a hospital, it seems to take eons for babies to arrive. You're in a car? Minutes.

The baby was delivered on the front seat of the couple's car, but then everything went wrong. She wasn't breathing and the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Keaton began screaming for help and that's when -- dah duh dun dun dahhhh!!! -- homeless savior Gary Wilson suddenly appeared.

According to Keaton, the man calmly took the phone from the couple and spoke to the 911 operator. Following her instructions, he freed the baby's neck from the umbilical cord, tied it off, and rubbed the baby's back until she began breathing on her own.

"He did everything perfectly right," said a paramedic.

Keaton, now new mother to baby girl Tatum, says the homeless man, who was traveling to Florida, kept everyone calm. She also says he just happened to look like ... um, Jesus! Says Keaton:

He had the long hair, the long beard. Just a very nice gentleman. He was our angel that night for sure.

Could this guy have been an out-of-work pediatrician? I recently met a homeless accountant with a business degree. It happens. Keaton says the man saved her baby's life. Let's hope the guy finds a home. But maybe he doesn't need one. Maybe he's an angel!

Have you ever had an "angel" appear out of nowhere and help you?

Image via BuzzFarmers/Flickr

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