Teens' Home Invasion Prank Gets Kid Shot in the Head

door lockIt looks like we have another sad story to add to the never-ending debate about guns in America. A 15-year-old Alabama teenager named Jesse Rainey is in critical condition after being shot in the head by a friend during a fake home invasion. A gun used for protection turned out to be anything but.

Apparently a group of eight teenagers were spending the weekend at the home of one boy's grandmother when a few decided it would be funny to prank their pals. They "broke in" to Granny's house, but it all went south when one kid, scared of a group of guys he really thought were breaking in, grabbed a gun.


My first question was "what was a teenager doing with a gun," but I can't blame this kid. He was scared, and let me repeat, he is a KID being pranked by other KIDS. Cops are calling the shooting of Jesse Rainey an accident, and they say there were no drugs or alcohol involved. At the end of the day, we can't focus on this teenager and what he did.

But still, we have a 15-year-old boy in the hospital, fighting for his life. Who knows what will come of his injuries, especially considering he was shot in the head.

For Jesse's sake, we can't ignore the problem with an America where we assume that guns are there to protect us. Sometimes, they are. It all works out, and we can cheer for the hero who stood his ground.

But sadly, as we see all too often, guns can also cause more harm than good. People don't take the time to ascertain whether the "intruder" in their home is indeed "intruding" before the shoot, as in this case. Or they end up shot themselves when the burglars manage to gain use of that gun lying around the house "for protection."

So I come back to: why did a kid have a gun? They should be in the hands of someone calm, cool, rational, and most importantly well-trained in gun usage and gun safety. They shouldn't be in the hands of someone who will shoot first, think later.

Because that's how 15-year-olds pulling an innocent prank end up in critical condition in the hospital.

Do you have a gun in your house for protection? Would you let a teenager get a hold of it?


Image via marc falardeau/Flickr

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