Missing College Student May Have Been Murdered by 'Friend' She Trusted (VIDEO)

Lizzi MarriottFrom all accounts, 19-year-old Elizabeth “Lizzi” Marriott of Westborough, Massachusetts, was a sweet and trusting girl. Now 29-year-old Seth Mazzaglia has been arraigned on second-degree murder charges, accused of "strangling or suffocating" the young woman he knew from a summer job.

It's a chilling case because it is so relatable. Sources say that Mazzaglia had a habit of coming into Target and hitting on the young girls who worked there. It's unclear how he became involved with Marriott or how well the two even knew each other, but one thing is clear: She is gone.

Right now, authorities aren't sharing the reasons they believe Marriott is dead or how they know the method of killing, either. There are so many questions. But it's also easy to speculate.


She was a beautiful, smart, 19-year-old. He was a decade older than her and trained in martial arts. He had a penchant for younger women.

This story is an old one that plays out at summer jobs across the country. Hell, it happened to me. Mine involves dating my own 29-year-old for two years and getting engaged, but the story is much the same. This isn't the way it's supposed to end.

As a mom, I have a different take on a story like this now. Whether Marriott was dating Mazzaglia is unclear, but there is no doubt I wouldn't enjoy my young daughter hanging out with someone who is nearly 30.

Kids do dangerous things and they have summer flings and they end come October. It's easy to speculate on what may have been going on with this tragic story, but police are playing it close to the vest, so no one really knows.

When a case like this happens, it makes you wonder what people could have done differently. It makes you think about how you want to protect your own family. But, this sounds like something every college girl goes through. It sounds normal and common. And of course that makes it all the more chilling. This could have happened to anyone.

My heart breaks for her family.

Does this case raise any questions for you?


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