19 Kids in a Hatchback & None of Them Are Even Named Honey Boo Boo!

clow car19 kids in a hatchback?! I know what you're thinking: Man, that Duggar family is really crossing the line this time. But no, believe it or not, the 19 kids I'm talking about don't have their own reality show (well, not yet). Sadly, they're not some new circus act update on the old clown car gag, either.

Nope, just an entire nursery school class crammed into their teacher's tiny Renault Clio hatchback for a field trip to ... a "local burger joint." Because, well, how else are you gonna get 19 nursery school kids to a burger joint? And where else are you gonna go on a nursery school field trip besides a burger joint? A petting zoo? Pfffft.


That was basically South African nursery school teacher Melanie Millie's reaction when she got pulled over by police. Or, in her words, she was "startled."

Apparently the class burger run was “the first time we went on an outing. And the last time."

Well! I'm sure the children's parents will be relieved to hear that! Especially since Nico van Heerden, the photographer who had the strange fortune of spotting the kid-stuffed car and snapping some (seriously insane) pics, says the pint-sized passengers didn't appear to be having the best field trip ever: “They were excited at first but after a while they started to get a more worried and cried."

No word yet on whether Millie remains employed as a nursery school teacher. She was, at least, fined by police for 1,500 rand -- but that only works out to a little less than $175! I'm pretty sure one nursery school kid in a car without a carseat would get you a way steeper fine in this country!!

I guess we should just be thankful that none of the 19 kids in that hatchback got hurt. And that TLC hasn't given them their own series. Yet.

Do you think this nursery school teacher should get fired?


Image via mike zeszak/Flickr

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