Rosie Perez Gives Mitt Romney a Lesson on the 'Latino Vote' (VIDEO)

rosie perezIn the infamous hidden video of Mitt Romney that surfaced in September, the world watched as Mitt dismissed 47% of voters as being entitled, non-tax paying citizens that would never vote for Romney. While this video and the now infamous 47% statement has made repeated international headlines, there were a series of other comments that seemed to fly under the radar. Until now, at least.

In the same video, Mitt Romney shared with the audience that his father was born in Mexico and that if his father was "born of Mexican parents, [he'd] have a better shot at winning [the election]." Mitt goes on to say that "being Latino would be helpful" which is followed by a series of laughter in the audience.  

Right, because poking fun of the hardships that Latino-Americans have endured is something to laugh at. 



Puerto Rican actress, Rosie Perez, has joined forces with ShlepLabs to create a video in response to Romney's wish-I-were-Latino statements. The video that was only released yesterday, has already gained huge traction in social media. And while there is some humor to Rosie's video, we see Rosie put Romney right back in his place.   

  • The Pew Hispanic Center, a non-partisan organization that conducts studies on Latino trends and culture, found that fifty-four percent of Latino-Americans believe that the economic downturn that began in 2007 has been harder on them than on other groups in America. The economy, and not immigration as some would like to believe, is the number-one concern for voting Latinos.
  • The Latino vote has increased by more than 4 million since 2008 with a record 23.7 million Latinos are eligible to vote in the upcoming election Even though the turnout rate for Latinos in 2008 was lower for Latinos than black or white voters, there have been some game changers that Mr. Romney is obviously aware of.
  • Latinos, who make up 2.1 million voters in the key battleground state of Florida, favor Obama over Romney. Additionally, more Latinos in Florida are now registered as Democrats than in 2008.  


So you see, winning the Latino-American has nothing to do with being Latino, rather, it has everything to do with your policies and how they will help turn this economy around for Latino Americans. The Latino vote and being a Latino-American is nothing to laugh at in this election.

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