'Top 10 Ways to Get Away With Rape' Flier Found in Dorm Should Frighten Us All

rape flyer miami university ohio There's frat boy humor and then there's seriously screwed up and disgusting behavior that lands a state university under fire. A recent incident out of Miami University in Ohio definitely falls in the latter category. A horrific flier entitled "The Top 10 Ways to Get Away With Rape" was recently discovered in a men's bathroom in a co-ed dorm. And yeah, it's really as bad -- if not worse -- than you might imagine.

Among some of the list's suggestions: "The more you rape, the better you get at it," use roofies, prey on females walking alone, climb into windows, and if you're afraid the victim may identify you, "slit her throat"!!!! OMG. How is that for beyond sick?


Unnervingly, I am SURE there are those who are going to defend it  as "joke" ... But as junior Kate Van Fossen, vice president of Women Against Violence and Sexual Assault (WAVE), said:

It could have been a joke, but the fact of the matter is that those thoughts are crossing someone’s mind. There are girls living in a hall where someone came up with that. It’s just disturbing.

NO kidding.

The good news: According to Cincinnati.com, when the flier was discovered, Miami U officials called a mandatory meeting for male students at McBride Hall. They then launched a police investigation that could result in internal disciplinary action -- aka kicking them out of the school FOREVER, let's hope?! -- for the student(s) responsible if they're identified. They've also stepped up police presence at the dorm. Although it doesn't sound like the reaction has nearly been thorough or tough enough, I guess it's a small step in the right direction ...

Sadly, what happened here really reflects the kind of entirely effed-up, Daniel Tosh-ish, ignorant, beyond insensitive attitude we have as a society about rape. Anyone out there who thinks comments like the ones made by Rep. Todd Akin about "legitimate rape" are anything short of terrifying better take note. This incident illustrates the kinds of massive, horrifying problems we run into when we as a society do not fully comprehend sexual violence. We run the risk of people adopting a "funny ha ha" attitude about rape and thinking they can get away with it under the guise of college kid humor. It's astounding, extremely disturbing, and WHEN -- NOT if -- whoever is responsible for this flier is caught, there better be hell to pay.

Can you believe this?! Do you agree this is a scary reflection of how rape is all too often considered a laughing matter?

Image via cincinnati.com/Miami University

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