Barack Obama Is a Communist, Uh, Whatever That Is (VIDEO)

woman at vp debateThis is a free country and everyone is entitled to her own opinion. What gets irksome though is when that opinion is based on ...  nothing. More than annoying, it's dangerous. In a big presidential election, like the one coming up on November 6, it can lead people to vote against their own best interests. Because they don't get it. They spout rhetoric they hear from their favorite news channel or a friend or family member -- without even knowing what it means.

Here's a classic example of a woman who has absolutely no idea what she's talking about when it comes to politics, Barack Obama -- and communism specifically. She was interviewed by Chris Matthews of Hardball outside the Vice Presidential Debate.


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If that wasn't so scary, it would be funny. (You know it would be, buddy!)

Her explanation of why Barack Obama is a communist:

"Study it out!"

"You haven't done your homework, buddy!"

"He's a communist and those of us who aren't voting for him know it."

"You don't know? You don't know? Oh, you know what I mean."

"He's a communist, buddy."


That's this woman's line -- "Barack Obama is a communist." She clearly has no idea what it means or what a communist is. She just doesn't know. She can't support her statement -- not with incorrect facts, not in the least. Maybe she should take her own advice and "study it out" -- read something, change the news channel, get the facts, and make an informed decision ... whatever that decision may be.

Does it scare you that people like this are going to the polls?

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