Sex Abuse Allegations Make Octomom's Porn Habit Seem Like No Big Deal

octomomIf these allegations are true, we now have a legitimate reason to dislike Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom. Her porn roles, her Angelina Jolie obsession and her insatiable desire for attention, any attention, aside, the investigation into the alleged child abuse is a valid reason to wonder whether or not this woman is fit to care for 14 children. Police are looking into claims made by Octomom's former nannies who allege that Nadya is guilty of sexual abuse and child neglect.

Here's the (very sickening) deal:


Octomom had her nannies sign a confidentiality agreement that forbade them from speaking about her family to almost anyone, but the nannies knew that they had to do something after they supposedly saw Nadya tie her children to their cribs with cheese cloths, put a chair up against her bedroom doorknob so her kids couldn't harass her when she was napping, and perhaps most disturbingly, the nannies say they witnessed one of the older boys sexually abusing one of the younger girls, and when they told Octomom what they saw, she just brushed them off.

The nannies also claim there was a lot of violence in the house --  fighting among the kids caused bruises and black eyes -- without any repercussions or punishment.

In order to be heard, the nannies sent anonymous letters to Octomom's neighbors, begging them to call the Child Protective Services. The neighbors complied, one of whom adding that when Octomon talks to her kids, it's like "verbal abuse."

Octomom is, of course, denying the claims and says her nannies are just jealous, and are out to get her. Mind you -- these nannies didn't break their contract nor are they trying to sell a story to some tabloid ... it seems like these women really just want the kids to be safe, and decided to share what they've witnessed.

The police are talking with the District Attorney to see if they can press charges against the allegedly neglectful and harmful Octomom, proving that this situation, unlike some of her previous antics, is no laughing matter.  Sex abuse? Neglect? Violence? If all it's true, then holy shit, what happens next? Does Octomom get locked up? What happens to the kids?

Octomom's rep says Nadya plans on going after the nannies for slander. If Octomom is innocent, well, that money awarded if she wins the slander case should help her get some new nannies, some who aren't prone to making things up.

And if Octomom is guilty, then, hmm, I hope she pays the price and that her kids end up somewhere safe, and porn free.

Do these allegations against Octomom surprise you?



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