Pizza Deliveryman Gets Stun Gunned by Man Who Should've Just Gotten DiGiorno

pizzaHere's a story that will make you sad. No, it's not a story about a man being murdered; and thankfully, it's not a report of a child who's missing. It's a story about a pizza guy, who was just trying to do his job, when -- boom! -- he got stun gunned by another guy who didn't want to fork over the 26 bucks for his two pies.

Really, humanity? Really?


The pizza delivery guy -- who worked for Papa John's -- was trying to drop off the hot, cheesy goodness at 19-year-old Christopher Collins' home when the incident allegedly happened. Collins supposedly met him outside and asked him how much the two pies were. To which the delivery guy replied, "$26.09." Collins then went back inside his home, returned moments later, asked the cost of the food again, and when the delivery man illuminated the receipt with a small flashlight, Collins shocked him in the stomach with a stun gun and tried to grab the pizzas.

But wait! A twist(y bread)!

The delivery guy then forcefully grabbed the pies back away from Collins, and then Collins took off running! Eventually, the cops got involved, and tracked Collins down at his brother's apartment, and heard him say "I tried to get the pizza, but he wouldn't give it up" from outside the door.

I mean, come on, world. Did this honestly just happen? Did a person just use a stun gun on another person for two Papa John's pies? Do we really need this kind of shit now? There are people being murdered, and raped, and kidnapped every day -- and now this, too? What the hell has happened to us? We're a collective hot mess.

Collins is currently facing charges of attempted robbery with a weapon. The police report claims that Collins "stated that he was hungry and was just trying to rob the pizza guy of the pizza."

If you're that desperate for pizza, dude, and you don't have the money, pick up a DiGiorno. Don't stun gun a poor guy.

What do you think of this?

Image via Bitman/Flickr

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