Woman Who Stole $5,000 Wedding Dress May Have Used Her Little Girl as a Decoy (VIDEO)

There must be something going around in the bridal water, or all of those scary marriage proposals are making brides lose their marbles, because every day it seems we're reading about some bride hopped up on wedding crazy. Like the one who email dissed all of her bridesmaids. And the wedding party that got into a brawl in a hotel. This episode of Brides from Hell centers on a woman who stole a $5000 bridal gown by getting her bridesmaids to distract the owner. Oh, and she appears to have gotten her three-year-old daughter to help out too. Auspicious start to a day of celebration, amiright?


It all started when the unknown brunette woman in her 30s walked into a bridal store in New Jersey with six friends, asking to see wedding party gowns. The owner got distracted not only with six women trying on gowns but with a three-year-old girl asking for pizza and water. The owner thinks the gown-pilfering woman coached the little girl to further distract her. I guess this bridezilla saw Paper Moon too many times.

The owner says that the woman hardly paid any attention to the child while they were in the store. She told police: "I guess she was more worried about stealing the dress than watching out for [her] child or whomever the child was."

Surveillance video shows the woman hoofing it down the street with the expensive designer gown draped over her arms, the little girl rushing to catch up with her. The woman is more interested in getting away from the store safely with her bounty than making sure the little girl is safe. Other video shows the woman passing behind a garbage bin and the little girl doesn't appear in the frame until a good ten seconds later, clearly far behind the woman who might scarily enough be her mother.

There's so many levels of wrong here, I don't know where to start. First, what kind of woman not only steals a bridal gown (fine way to start your marriage!), BUT she also takes what is likely her daughter with her, and then coaches her to help her steal? What's next, getting the girl to plunder her own flower girl dress? And somehow the woman found six friends willing to perpetrate this crime with her. I don't even wanna know what this wedding will be like.

But the store's owner said she is more worried for the little girl than about the dress, which is at least insured. I have to agree. This little girl is unfortunately off to a bad start in life thanks to a woman who appears to be her mother. I'm probably not the only one hoping this bridal bandit spends her wedding day in the clink.

What do you think the punishment for this woman should be?


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