GOP Complaints About Martha Raddatz Reveal Who Really Won VP Debate (VIDEO)

martha raddatzThis time last week, PBS's Jim Lehrer was getting creamed for his performance as the moderator of the first presidential debate. Today, for her moderation of last night's vice-presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan, ABC News journalist Martha Raddatz -- who impressed with her tough, assertive style -- seems to only be getting criticized by one side of the aisle: the right.

I totally saw it coming. While Lehrer was given hell for being too passive and basically letting the candidates mow him down, Raddatz got in there and made sure to press both candidates on the issues, cut them off when they were going on too long, and yes, sometimes reassure them that they'd get their fair time. But today, the Republicans are boo-hooing that she showed preference to Biden. Give me a break!  


The truth is that Raddatz zeroed in on tough topics with Biden and Ryan. Although he pressed Ryan on topics like Romney's reaction to the attacks in Libya, taxes, Medicare, and abortion, she also pressed Biden on Iran, repeatedly asked whether there had been a "failure" of intelligence in Libya, and even used some language that liberals wouldn't be too thrilled with -- like saying that both Medicare and Social Security are "going broke." In short, she was doing her JOB!

Martha Raddatz showed us what a moderator should do, say, act like. She DEFINED the gig last night by keeping both candidates in check and requiring them both to address the hard-hitting issues.  And Media Matters proved Raddatz interrupted Biden and Ryan roughly the same number of times.

And yet, conservatives are crying foul. (I'm surprised they're not accusing her of being the reason Joe Biden came out swinging! Oh wait, that's probably next up on FOX ...) What a joke. I'm with The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne, who tweeted, "Clearest signs the Ryan camp thinks he lost: They're talking a lot about Biden's laugh and going after ." Since the Repubs have nothing better to attack than Biden's persuasive, infectious grin and Martha Raddatz's hawkish moderating skills, there's no doubt about it: They lost the debate.

Here's the debate in its entirety if you missed it or would like to watch again ...


How do you feel about Martha Raddatz's performance last night?


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