Giant Eyeball Washes up on Beach & It Better Belong to a Zombie Squid!

giant eyeballWhat's the weirdest thing you'd ever expect to find washed up on the beach? I know, maybe that's not a fair question given these crazy times -- zombie bees, mutant butterflies, vampire squids ... shoot, maybe that's not even a question we want to consider! But, well ... too late, because here's the answer:

THIS freakishly freaky GIANT EYEBALL is the weirdest thing you'd ever expect to find washed up on the beach, because it did wash up on the beach, and some random Florida "beachcomber" (who will no doubt be plagued by nightmares for the rest of his or her life) just found it! Right about now you're probably wondering, From whence did this eyeball come? I mean, besides being completely bizarro, it IS a lovely shade of blue. Was the rest of this creature so beguiling?


That's the best part: So far, marine biologists have no idea what species this wandering eye belongs to. Well, they have a few ideas -- giant squid, whale, some kind of extremely large fish -- but those ideas suck, quite frankly. None of those possibilites involves words like zombie or mutant or vampire or alien or anything even remotely fun.

Which is why I secretly hope those ocean life experts never figure out where this thing came from. At least, not if it came from some ho-hum workaday miracle of nature like a Blue Whale or something. SNORE. Unless the answer to the question of this eyeball's origin is weird enough to inspire an HBO series or a movie that relies heavily on special effects, I don't want to know.

Where do you think this giant eyeball came from?


Image via Florida Fish and Wildlife/Flickr

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