Pregnant Woman Who Killed Herself Should Have Been Given a Slice of Pizza

pizzaMittal Vaghasia was much like other pregnant women. The 24-year-old had some intense cravings for food that weren't necessarily the healthiest of sorts. But when her family denied her the pizza she so badly wanted, she didn't just find a way to sneak it somehow; she killed herself

According to the Times of India, she was four months pregnant when she was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her room.

Family members said that throughout her pregnancy, she had been craving fast food as well as sour things. Doctors had cautioned her against eating them due to medication she was taking, and so her family prohibited her from eating them, which reportedly led to fights. In the two days leading up to her death, she'd been repeatedly asking for pizza, and they say they believe that craving drove her to take her own life and that of her unborn baby.


It's as heartbreaking as it is shocking that if someone had just given her a slice, she might still be alive. I don't know what kind of medication she was on, but I can't imagine any that would make a little pizza kill her.

I had some pretty strong cravings while I was pregnant, and honestly, I don't know what I would have done if someone stepped in and absolutely prohibited me from getting my Chipotle fix. I can't imagine ever going to the lengths this woman did, but I also don't live in India where women don't have the same rights and freedoms we do. That plus all of the hormones raging through a pregnant woman's body at least lend a small window of insight into how this could happen.

It's tragic, and, of course, nothing can excuse what she did, but I do feel a certain amount of sympathy for her. While pregnant women should certainly eat healthy for the most part, we all deserve to indulge a little.

What's the most intense thing a pregnancy craving drove you to do?


Image via Kanko*/Flickr

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